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Chicago - Northside, IL
by An Edgewater Nerd

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Navy Pier = visiting Iowans; Argyle is indeed where you can get legit pho; and Loyola Chicago campus as “Jesuit-Approved College Antics” it’s all so accurate I can’t. I’ve lost my ability toucan.

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Tue, 21st of October


"Gooooo ByeBye" by Alan Defibaugh on INPRNT

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Tue, 21st of October



I myself must agree with Ms. Lennox and prefer a more global perspective of feminism instead of the more western-centric 3rd wave.  Another quote directly from Annie Lennox’s blog:

Feminism is mainly focused on women’s issues, but author bell hooks and others have argued that, since feminism seeks gender equality, it must necessarily include men’s liberation because men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles.

Tue, 21st of October
Anonymous asked: why do you have a white last name? you're black. as fuck.



It’s actually French!

@ anon most black people  in Diaspora people have “white” last names…You know because of that whole slavery thing.

I live in the U.S. I’m white (Polish and Scottish ancestry) and have a very Scottish surname (it’s most common in Aberdeenshire - represent). However, according to the U.S. Census, it is a predominantly African American surname over here.  Why?

There were a ton of Scots Irish slave owners in the antebellum south. After emancipation, former slaves were finally granted the dignity of a surname.  They got to pick their own surname and a majority chose to either keep that of their slaveowner, or chose a famous last name like presidents Washington, Jackson, etc.

So if a surname is particularly common for Scots Irish or other ethnicities considered white, think how there were a ton of white slaveowners, and most of them had multiple slaves that were eventually emancipated. Bam! Tons and tons of new family trees started after the Civil War. When you figure there were more freed slaves than slaveowners, you realize there are traditionally “white” names that are often considered “black” names in the United States. 

Denzel Washington, Michael Jackson, Orlando Magic guard Ben Gordon, just to give a few examples.

Tue, 21st of October


It’s Halloween season and I’m finding myself doing a lot of spooky esque commissions. 

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This is how you feminist ally.

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Mon, 20th of October
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Sun, 19th of October

Not sure if the costume company didn’t even try or just a Jersey Boys/Happy Days crossover featuring Fonzie imitating Tommy DeVito.

…Or is it a The Drifters as seen in Beautiful: the Carole King Musical crossover?

Sun, 19th of October


Annie and Tali Lennox in New York.

So I take it Annie didn’t blow a gasket over Tali’s septum ring? (I mean, she can hide her tattoo if she ever wanted to, but her septum ring is never flipped up.)

Damn, my mom would’ve blown a gasket. I guess Annie’s more like 

Sun, 19th of October
❝ I like her, I’d like to go out for a drink with her. ❞
—   Lorraine Kelly about Alex Kingston, 10/09/14    [x] (via spoilersweetie)   —
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Sun, 19th of October

I showed this to my dad. He agreed it would be wise to start carrying around full sized Snickers.

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Sun, 19th of October


New Post has been published on

Just in time for your Xmas list ideas! Pre-Orders are now being taken for new Annie Lennox Nostalgia items: T-Shirts, lithographs, mugs, notebooks and more!

Just in time for your Xmas list ideas!  Pre-Orders are now being taken for new Nostalgia items: T-Shirts, lithographs, mugs, notebooks and more! Happy Shopping everyone, happy shopping.

Here’s the link.Annie Lennox - Nostalgia - Memorabilia

Aka Christmas wish list.

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Sun, 19th of October
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Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg // Doors

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Sat, 18th of October

I think my patronus would be a cocker spaniel.

I’ve never read a description on those “spirit animal” pages I could relate to but this one actually made sense.

I’m allergic to most dogs but I guess one made of a mist-like substance wouldn’t be a problem.